Tarping Stations

Why the need?

  • Keeps driver from walking on loads which can lead to slips, trips, falls, or muscle strains
  • Eliminates or reduces Workman’s Compensation claims


Refuse haulers, grain haulers and rail cars

Tarping station benefits:

  • Customized to your needs
  • Stair angles of 30 degrees for easier entrance and egress
  • Adherence to most building code requirements
  • Site delivery and erection available

Largest grab handle + most aggressive walk surface meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum welded construction is durable and rust proof

Slip Resistant

Most step slip resistance as verified by independent lab testing.

Weight Capacity

100lbs./sq. ft.


Bustin’s serrated, 80% open grating self-cleans. This means elements like snow, mud, and debris fall to the ground reducing accidents.


Stations are constructed with a robust design to withstand daily use and abuse.


Since 1928, Bustin’s engineering and manufacturing team have been working earnestly to deliver quality products on time. Local territory managers are available to visit your locations to discuss particular requirements.

Bustin™ Grating Steps 80% YES YES YES
Grip Strut™ 40% NO YES NO
Punched Sheet 10% NO NO NO
Diamond Plate 0% NO NO NO

Bustin Tarping Stations Cutsheet

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