About Bustin

Over 80 Years of Engineering the Finest Safety Solutions

Since 1928, Bustin Industrial Products has pioneered innovative safety access equipment for companies like Lockheed Martin®, Mack Truck®, SYSCO Foodservice®, Merck and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. A market leader, we have earned a distinguished reputation for innovation, performance and quality. Our commitment to promoting safety in the workplace is evidenced by our expanded line of access solutions, reimagined and reengineered to meet the changing demands of proactive, progressive companies who know that proper protection can boost productivity and enhance profitability.

Bustin has been a pioneer of slip-resistant walk surfaces. Commercial truck fleets, as well as trailer manufacturers install Bustin solutions where secure footing and stability are fundamental to job performance such as on: fuel tank steps, deck plate, chassis frame ladders, sliding ramps, platforms, and stairs. These fall prevention solutions incorporate a self-cleaning design that helps remove debris while keeping feet safely on the walk surface. For more information on Bustin visit our products page. Or, to learn about the additional brands owned by Bustin’s parent company, Safe Fleet, visit www.safefleet.net.

Safe Fleet

Safe Fleet was formed in 2013, when The Sterling Group, a private investment company, acquired ROM and SMI from Century Park Capital. Safe Fleet consists of a portfolio of innovative and entrepreneurial brands providing safety products for fleet vehicles worldwide. Safe Fleet’s origins trace back to early 20th century with the founding of Elkhart Brass in 1902 and Bustin in 1928.

Many of the founding entrepreneurs shaped the brands in our portfolio by creating disruptive technologies that developed into market leading products. Over 100 years later, innovation continues to be at the core of Safe Fleet’s culture.

Today, Safe Fleet is a growth focused organization seeking to continue to redefine our markets through next generation technology and integrated solutions for fleet owners and operators. We deliver best in class products for a wide variety of end markets. On a daily basis, Safe Fleet improves the safety and productivity of countless operators, passengers, and pedestrians around the world.

For more information about Safe Fleet please visit www.safefleet.net.